April 6, 2008

There's a Dryer in the House! YES!

RL, the kids and I headed out to find a deal on a dryer the day after our other dryer died. Lucky for us, Home Depot and Lowes are across the street from one another. First a trip to Home Depot. We found a nice dryer but would have to wait four days for delivery. For this family of four - that would have been truly detrimental. I don't know what happens to the towels in this place, but they get dirty very fast. The kids and I have just a few pairs of jeans and we have to do wash at the very least every two to three days. (Well, we could just stay home with the blinds closed until the laundry was caught up, but that's just not right.) We headed over to Lowes and found a couple of dryers there that we were interested in. Of course the cheapest one was currently sold out. They had a dryer like our old one (but it worked!), but it was discontinued. However - do I have a deal for you! - our salesperson gave us $50 off. We took it home with us and have had wonderfully dry clothes ever since. It's amazing what pleases me these days. So sad.

Not only has Ginger been working on my socks, she is using them for a pillow. R caught this picture the other day of a totally relaxed cat. Her head is cradled right between needles. How she did that, I'll never know!

Aha! Caught in the act, but looking quite innocent!

I tried something different with this pair of socks. I decided to reinforce the heels. Someone, who will remain unnamed - MOM - goes through the heels of her socks like, well, I don't know what. I am experimenting with different reinforcing methods. She suggested kevlar, but I don't know if they sell that in yarn form..... I like the way the heels looks different with the reinforcement yarn in them.
Here they are with a very inaccurate depiction of their color. The skeins have the same dyelot and in this picture they look the same. However, in person - nope. The sock on the left is darker. I used the yarn I got for Easter - Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet. I liked the yarn just fine and the socks are very, very comfortable. I thought it was odd how the pattern worked up different in each sock. Oh well. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I really do like them.

Isn't my new little lamb adorable? This came from the Apple Barn in Gatlinburg. He just had to come home and live with all the other little sheep in my collection!

This also is from Gatlinburg and had to come join my sock yarn collection. Sheepy goodness from the Smoky Mountain Spinnery. It's definitely medieval blue. I took lots of pictures, but this one is probably the closest. It's kettle dyed so there are variations in the blue. I've got to find a special pattern for this yarn!

Okay, you're all caught up now. Keep praying for RLs Dad. His appointment is the 15th and we are all very anxious and prayerful for good news.

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Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, look at all that knitting goodness. Don't be putting those socks in that new dryer LOL! I can't imagine my cat sleeping on my socks -- I can't leave them unguarded for even a second or he's tearing into them to play with the yarn.