April 17, 2008

Socks Hot Off the Needles

It took about a week, but these babies are finished. I dug through the stash and found this old Knit Picks colorway. I used the generic sock pattern - which I should have memorized by now. I thought this was a nice spring color. The photo below shows how there's just a hint of purple between the green and pink stripe. I like those little surprise colors!
The dogwoods in our neighbors yard are in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous. Spring is such a pretty time of year in North Carolina.

A recent trip to Knit Picky brought this little fellow to our attention. His name is Buster. When I was six, I broke my right shin playing miniature golf. It's a gift, what can I tell ya! When I was seven, I broke my right shin playing at a friend's house. When I was 26, I broke my right foot when a porch swing I was sitting on fell on it - it wasn't properly in the ceiling. A few years later I walked across the room with a load of laundry I couldn't see over and rammed my right foot into a toy box causing a stress fracture. Three years ago, I fell while walking for exercise and it caused a stress fracture - repeat after me - in my right foot. When we found Buster at the yarn store, I felt a connection. The kids picked up on it right away and said I needed him. I told them if it was the right leg that was broken, I would buy it. What do you know - Buster's right leg was broken so he came home with us!

I feel his pain.


kelly said...

I would have bought him because he is purple.

Thimbleanna said...

Haha! Poor Buster! Lovely Socks!