November 18, 2007

Let the Frenzy Begin!

Mom called yesterday and asked if I'd like to check some sales in town. Sure, I said. I figured now was the time to go. We would beat the rush of next weekend - the official first weekend of Christmas shopping. We must not have gotten the memo. Did you? Apparently Christmas shopping started this weekend - or perhaps even before. The traffic was brutal. The parking lots were just as brutal. I do have to admit I have found great joy in driving my HHR. This was the first time I have been able to park in a compact parking space in a long, long time! I was never able to do that in the Expedition. The first store we hit didn't have the sizes we needed, so we headed off to another shopping center. Wall to wall people complaining about how crowded the mall was. I don't go to the mall for anything but panic attacks, so I just took their word for it and decided to take deep breaths and be cool shopping where I was. We headed from there to Target. For a Saturday night it wasn't too bad. I will probably head back there for some more stuff on the old Christmas lists. However, I have decided that the internet is my friend and I will be using it to the hilt! As a matter of fact, I ordered several things last night and some more things this morning. The internet is your friend too!

R asked for a spinning wheel for her big gift for Christmas. She wanted an Ashford traditional - something like that, I can't remember. I know it when I see it, but I can't remember details. I found one on e-bay for an extremely reasonable price. I bid. I was promptly outbid. I bid again. I was promptly outbid again. Someone had set their maximum price and it was apparently more than my mine. This went on for several bids and over several days. I got an e-mail today that my bid did not win. I didn't really expect it would. I wasn't going to end up paying the same amount for a used spinning wheel as I would for a brand new one. I decided to keep searching and sat at the computer to search e-bay one more time. Before I started looking though, I decided to check my e-mail. I received an e-mail from a friend and I am so thankful I saw it before I went nuts and bought a spinning wheel for more money than I needed to spend. My friend bought, yes, she bought, a spinning wheel for R! Can you believe it???? She is an
e-bay mastermind and bid on a used wheel and got it! I think she was as shocked as I was! I asked her what I owed her and she said nothing. Nothing. Can you believe that? All she wanted in return was for R to participate in Old Timey Days at the local elementary school once a year for an hour. One hour a year for a spinning wheel. I was, and still am, in shock. I keep asking what I can pay her and she won't take any money for it. Mom said, "Quit asking! Just accept her good deed." So, I quit asking. I thanked her more than is probably proper. Now my Christmas shopping budget can be rearranged and probably is more reasonable. Wow! We can all use friends like this!

Knitting is still going on, but not anything that can be shared until after Christmas. I did make the little dragon puppet from Interweave magazine. I saw it and thought - gee, I can knock those out in no time and make them for this kid and that kid. I made one. I got it out of my system and I am finished! No kids, besides the two who live here, will be getting one. Since we have been in drought conditions this year and have a burn ban, I decided not to put flames in his mouth like the one in the magazine.

This picture looks like he is eating a store bought sock - and rightfully so! Who brought a store bought sock into this house???????

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Thimbleanna said...

Ah yes, this is the hard time of year when we can't show what we're working on 'cause it would ruin a surprise! I laughed at your story of your friend buying the spinning wheel on e-bay. I know it wasn't supposed to be funny, but do you think she was the one bidding agains you??? LOL.