November 19, 2007

Total Bummer!

First of all - there are no pictures. Isn't that a bummer in itself? As for the 'total bummer' that I was referring to in the title - someone stole some of our Christmas gifts out of our car last night. L was at a friends house from 2-7 for some role playing games. R was feeling a little restless and wanted to get out of the house. I suggested we all head to Borders and buy a few gifts that we couldn't buy if he was with us. R and RL were game, so off we went. R picked out a few magazines and I picked out "Shall I Knit You A Hat" for her. Such a cute, cute book. I don't care if she is 19 - sometimes a good children's book is just what you need! I also found a book that was on her list and hid it among our other purchases so she wouldn't see it. We found the book L had on his list, a book for the little boy next door and a book for RLs parents. Over $70 in books. I know - to some of you that doesn't sound like much. But since I've trying to be a little more careful this Christmas with cash, I thought it was a bit much. We got out to the car and, as usual, I took Rs magazines and her 'surprise' children's book out and handed them to her. She put them in the seat next to her and off we headed to Target. The rest of the books were still in the bag with the receipt and a small Christmas list I had made of items to pick up while we were out. We got to Target and parked in the 'back 40'. RL doesn't want anybody to ding the new car - and I don't blame him - so he parks way out there. He hit the button to lock the car, but R was slow getting out of the car so he hit the remote lock button again. Now he says he's not sure if he hit unlock or lock. I know how that feels! I've done it plenty of times - think I've locked it and then come out to the car and find it unlocked. It happens. I draped my sweater over the seat and the bag from Borders and we went into Target. We had the best time. We bought chocolate - a necessity - a gift for my in-laws, a gift or three for L and then realized the time. We still had time to go through a drive thru for dinner and to pick up L. We were goofing off as we walked out to the 'back 40' and just having a good time. RL unlocked the car with the remote and opened my door. Hmmmm, my sweater wasn't where I had left it. It wasn't draped over the seat, but in a pile on my seat. The bag was gone. We tore that car apart! The cds were still there. The stereo was still there. The books I had handed R were in the backseat were still there. Get this - her wallet was still under the front seat! However, the Borders bag was gone. Over $50 in books - stolen. Now, who is going to want that variety of books but us? I imagine I will find them at the used book store soon. Insurance won't cover it because we have a $500 deductible. Because I paid with a debit/credit card, Borders won't give cash to the returner without the card. I guess that's good to know. So, we are out $50 and have nothing to show for it. We told Target security, and their security guy was wonderful. He called the police and waited with us even though it was his lunch/dinner/whatever break. He made small talk with us and was genuinely nice. The police came and made no promises but filed a report.
So, I leave you with this little Public Service Announcement - MAKE SURE YOUR CAR IS LOCKED IF YOU LEAVE YOUR PURCHASES IN THE CAR! It apparently doesn't matter where you park because we were parked, well, in the back 40, but under a light. Just be careful! This experience leaves us with a weird, violated feeling. However, I am truly thankful that books were all that was taken and we are all fine. Be careful. Christmas brings out the good, but unfortunately the bad too.

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