November 7, 2007

Nothing to Talk About

There's not too much to post about around here. Well, that's not exactly true. I can't show you what I'm knitting for Mom. She knows what it is, just not what it looks like. I can't tell you what we plan on making next because it's for Mom and Daddy and I don't want them to know about it. I can't show you what I've been sewing guessed it, Christmas gift. What can I tell you about? I finally decided on a coordinating fabric for the dinosaur pillowcase for the little boy next door. It doesn't match perfectly, but it looks okay to me. I also decided on the books to go with them - 'How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends' for him and 'Dora Saves Mermaid Kingdom' for her. I think those will go along with the 'theme' just fine.
I ended up returning a Christmas gift already! I ordered the wrong thing for L and had to send it back. While I was standing in line at the Post Office with half of the town, I decided to buy my Christmas stamps. I got the 'Holiday Knits' stamps. How appropriate! Go to to see them. Since it's been in the 30's at night and in the 50's to 60's during the day, it's a little easier to think about getting Christmas cards written. Not so easy that I want to do it right this second, but a little easier to think about!
Our nephew has safely made it to California. Thank Heaven for that! He shared the driving with a friend of his, so it wasn't a looonnnggg, lonely trip. Now for him to get settled and start his new job. I won't worry about him at all where that is concerned. He's a real 'people person' and will do just fine.
So, that's all the 'nothing' I can find to talk about. Have a day!

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barbara said...

You are so "with it," Girly!
I'm so proud of you for not waiting until the very, very last minute to do I taught you to do!
The pillow cases are SO cute! I love the's perfect! The books that continue the theme should be real winners too!
I've ordered "one thing" and that's it! That's about as "with it" as I get right now. I did buy our cards, but that's only so I can get them out by the Holidays!
I was even thinking that I'd like to have a real tree this year. You know...back to the good old days! How do you think "Miss Scout Lily" will take to that? You've heard of "That takes the cake?" Well, I wonder where scout "would take the tree?"
"Oooeee"...sure don't want'a go there! I get shivers just thinkin' about it!
Uh...did you post my socks on here, and I didn't see them...or what?!?!?
Well, it's time to get the little fella' up and at'em! It's a bit late, but he wasn't ready earlier! What a life!
I love you mucho...Yo Mahma