November 11, 2007

A Hat for Sam

I've been wanting to knit something for my nephew, Sam. He's in Iraq and I try to send him a package of goodies every month or so. I thought since it's probably getting a little cooler over there now that winter is approaching, he might want a knitted helmet liner. I e-mailed and asked. Nope - his helmet fits tight and there's no room for one. Plus it's still too hot for one. However, if I felt like I needed to knit for him, he would take a cap with a skull and crossbones to sleep in. I guess when you don't have much hair, it gets a little chilly at night. I looked everywhere for a pattern. Hello Yarn has a great one, but I didn't have the needle sizes I needed. Besides, I wanted a fast knit - worsted weight - so I could finish it and get it to him soon. Plus, I need to knit some Christmas gifts and I wanted time for that. I looked and looked. I tried to make one up on my own. I am not the knit design wizard that R is, so I was lost. Then I got a life saving, or knit saving, e-mail from Bella Modiste saying I needed to check out this website: . Boy, she was right on the money! It was just what I needed. Another link from that site and some charts from Made By Tess and I was ready to knit. I started last night and today I present to you.....ta da.....Sam's Hat:

No, Cindy Styrofoamhead is not embarrassed. I just wanted to show the whole hat. I'm debating about blocking it. I know, I should block everything you knit, but I don't always do that. Don't tell anybody, but it's also rare when I knit a gauge swatch. I know and I don't want to hear it. Don't judge me! I hope Sam enjoys it and it's close enough to what he wants. Hopefully he'll send pictures of him wearing it.

Also, I want to send our condolences to a family from our church in Florida. The minister, and his wife, who married RL and I just recently lost their youngest child during surgery. Charity was born almost 29 years ago with the umbilical cord around her neck and has had problems ever since. During a recent operation, a mistake was made and she died on the operating table. Please say a prayer of comfort for this family as they suffer their loss and for the days ahead while they travel to bury her in their home state.


kelly said...

Very nice. Sam will love it and I'm sure you will get a pic.

yo' mahma said...

Sam's gonna' like that...I'm sure it fits the mood! If and when it gets cold over there, it'll warm him right up!'s cold tonight and has been all day! I've turned the heater up and then down...all day today! It's almost 9:30 now and I'm thinking it might be a good time to take a shower and head off to bed.
I want'a read, but that depends on how long I can hold up my book!
It's getting good now so I want to stay least long enough to get to the next chapter...which will be hard to put down too!
I'd sure like to see more "Ginger Adventures!" You guys need to take lots of pictures of her and write a book. She's always been cute, but as she gets older she seems to get "more interesting!"
Well...goodnight! :-)
Love from yo' Mahma!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- great job on the hat -- I'm sure he'll love it. And shhh, don't tell anyone, but I don't think I block anything other than sweaters either. I'm just not very good at it! ;-)