July 28, 2007

Okay, I'm posting Mom - are you happy?

This week has been a little hectic, but no where near as hectic as last week! Thank goodness! We have been slowly recovering by sleeping in a little. We've been catching up on things that needed to be done around the house, but not nearly everything that needs to be done. Well, face it, those things are just never going to be completed!

Some knitting has been going on. R is still working on a shop sample for Knit Picky, but her week at knitting camp slowed that down a little bit. She's almost finished. I knit the above dishcloth, but I don't know if you can make out the design. It's a Transformer. When my oldest nephew was little he loved Transformers - 'robots in disquise'! Well, now that he's 25, I thought he would like a Transformer dishcloth. I don't really know if he's much into doing dishes - somehow I think not, but he's got a dishcloth coming his way in the mail just in case he decides to take it up.

We had a visitor to our hummingbird feeder this week. No hummingbirds, but at least a beautiful visitor is taking advantage of the feeder.

R had a cake order this week and this is the end result. You can't really make it out, but it says the names of the birthday people on some of the balloons. Such a cute cake. She has another cake to finish tomorrow for a family reunion. It's baked, just needs to be decorated. Another long day of powdered sugar coating everything in the kitchen!

The socks for my sockapalooza pal are officially washed and blocked. I have to get them into the box and just wait until the big send off date - August 2nd. I'm ready! I hope they fit her. They were a little snug before they were blocked, but I think they are much better now. I'm getting excited about getting a pair of socks knit just for me too! I have no idea what to expect.

Today was Juli's last day at Knit Picky. We didn't realize today was her final day. We thought we had until tomorrow. While in town this afternoon, we dropped in and there she was. I asked when her last day was and she said today. I am so glad that we were able to see her before she left. She's one of of favorites there and will truly be missed. We were her last customers of the day and I was glad for that. We exchanged hugs and promises to keep in touch. Good luck Juli! We'll really, really miss you!


Anonymous said...

yay! send it my way!

<3 pj

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am very happy...thanks!:-)
Lots of good news too...well, except for Juli's leaving...so sad! I know I've seen her, and even met her, but just knowing how much you and Bec have appreciated her, makes me love her even more!
***********************************"Have a good life, Juli, I know we're going to miss you!"
Love, Granny
Loved the "Transformer" dish cloth! I am knowing that PJ will just go out of his way to clean the kitchen now...NO MORE DIRTY DISHES! Yeah...right!
I wouldn't have noticed the beautiful butterfly at the feeder if you hadn't mentioned it. So pretty, too!
The cake is adorable! What's today's "model" going to look like? It's much too early in the day to be sniffing "icing fumes!" UGH!
Thank you so very, VERY much for making an old-lady-mother happy again. News from the industrial world, where the icing hits the fan!
Love to "all of you worker bees!"
The Muth!