July 14, 2007

The nest is empty

The baby cardinals have left their nest. I was a little apprehensive to take any pictures. I just knew I was going to climb the ladder and three little cardinals were going to be squawking at me for a meal and a mad set of parents were going to come swooping down at me. L held the ladder and I took my chances. The nest was empty and it still looks perfect. There's tape, leaves, twigs, pieces of plastic - you name it - Mom and Dad used just about everything during construction!
My Hosta bloomed! I've only had one bloom before and it wasn't nearly as pretty as this one. Beautiful!

Now on to something NOT beautiful. The stupid Japanese beetles are eating my tree - again. I know I complained earlier in the season that they had started. Well, they are almost finished. Normally we have a FULL tree and plums for the birds. Not this year, just like last year. What do you do about it? If we buy the traps, I'm afraid we'll just attract more. Oh well, whatever we are, or aren't, doing isn't cutting it!
We delivered Laura's cake to Knit Picky today for her big debut. I hope it goes well for her and she sells lots and lots of yarn. I've been looking at the colors on her site for a while now and although they look nice on line, I can tell you that in person they are so much better. They just seem to pop! Go see them if you get a chance.
R and RL have been busy working on the lawn mower today. R decided she wanted to mow the yard, but the lawn mower decided it needed some TLC. RL and R headed to Lowes for some parts and after some cuts and first aid, the battery decided to die! Now they are working on that. L and I decided we would just stay out of the way and took the pictures above! We ain't no dummies!

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