July 13, 2007

It's a rough life

This was the sight in our livingroom last night. The two girls were relaxing and getting some knitting time in. These are Ginger's favorite chairs because they are close to some sort of light - either the window or the lamp. I guess that's why they are R's favorite chairs too. R pushed the chairs together for some added comfort and Ginger just couldn't decide which chair was supposed to be hers. At the moment this was taken she chose the right one. R is knitting on the scarf for the shop sample and is more than half way finished. I know she'll be glad when it's finished. Her little knitting mind is racing with all kinds of designs she wants to try as soon as this is completed. Today she has a special order cake to work on, so that will give her a little break from knitting...although I don't think she ever needs a break!

This is day two of this post. I was going to show the picture of the cake earlier than this, but we had a slight problem. Lately when R bakes a cake, she ends up with the bottom being gummy. So last night she went to bed a little depressed. I was also a little depressed because I knew a new cake had to be baked. ARGH! Off to the grocery store I went this morning for more cake mixes and I baked this one. It turned out just fine. I guess we make a good team - I bake okay and she decorates really well.

She tried to copy the company's logo and I think she did a pretty good job. If you are interested in the company, or just want to see if R got the logo right, go to http://paintedsheepyarn.com/. The 16th is Laura's first day of business, so go see what she has to offer and support her. She has some really pretty color combinations and yarn types. (I hope the link works okay - it was my first time to do that!)

We finally got our glasses. L has had his for a while, so he had a little more time to get used to them than the rest of us. RL has gradual bifocals and that is taking a little to get used to. R looks artsy fartsy in hers. That would be an appropriate look for her since she is artsy fartsy! I don't know about mine. I like them, but they are very different from anything else I've ever had. Shoot, why should I care what they look like? I don't look at them - just through them!
Our eye doctor and staff are the greatest and we always look forward to seeing them. Ha! 'Seeing' them! Didn't really mean it that way! It's getting late - I'm laughing at dumb stuff! Have a great weekend!

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Laura said...

Its PERFECT!!! I can't believe you were able to duplicate the logo so exactly! I can't wait to see it in the morning. I just finished twisting and labeling the last of the skeins to bring to the shop in the morning. See you then!!!