June 25, 2013

Hey! It's My Birthday!

Hey you!
You there!
Today is my birthday.
I am two!
This is what my life has been like since I was adopted.

Sometimes my Mom kisses me and leaves lipstick on my head!

 Sometimes my Mom will open the window so I can watch the squirrels in my yard.  Stupid squirrels.
Sometimes I am a gentleman and will shake my grandma's hand....but sometimes I just like to bite it instead!

 Sometimes I can be suave.
 When my Uncle still lived at home, I liked computer time with him.
 When my Great Granny comes over, I like to take naps next to her.  See my toys on the floor?  I like to keep them right where I can see them!
 Sometimes they take me outside when there is white stuff on the ground.  I like to eat that white stuff.  Hey!  Where is that white stuff now?
Sometimes I like to hang upside down and pretend I am a bat!

Yum!  I taste pretty good!

Sometimes I like to party.

Happy Birthday to me!

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