June 30, 2013

Children's Books

Bean and I found ourselves in Old Salem last Thursday.
Well, we didn't exactly find ourselves there.  We went there with a purpose.
I love to wander the shops.  They are actually setting up Christmas now!  In some ways that scares me to death, but in other ways it's exciting.  We walked through all the future Christmas displays and the Moravian items.  Then we went downstairs to see the books and children's section.
I don't think I have ever stopped loving children's books, even though I have two grown kids.  And when a children's book is mixed with a love of knitting - well, let's just say it's heavenly to me!
This book just screamed that it wanted to come home with me.  Of course I had to oblige.  The illustrations are so cute.  And a mama kitty who knits is right up my alley.  Since I don't have any little ones to read to anymore, I read to Harper.  I don't think he was as into it as I was.  He's got this things for cats, you see.  But he does have a thing for yarn, so he was able to at least tolerate the book, when he wasn't trying to eat it.
Somehow this next book also found it's way home with us.
I love his books!  We have several of them and the kids have always enjoyed them.  I have to admit that I read this one aloud to anyone who would listen.  Bean didn't seem to mind!  He was such a good author.  He didn't 'speak' down to the kids for whom he was writing and he also includes a couple of recipes in the back.
And that concludes today's book review.

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