June 19, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 49.  Not 49 and holding.  Not the anniversary of my 49th birthday.  Just plain old 49 for the first time - but maybe not the last!
Ran and Bean took me to the best restaurant!
Sweet Potatoes in Winston-Salem.
Ran and I had the opportunity to get to know the owners of this place and they are fabulous people.  Their attention to detail is evident.

While we were downtown we couldn't just eat and run.  It's rare when we are there, so we had to walk around and take in the sites.
The side of Sweet Potatoes.
Looks like a sweet like oasis in the middle of town.
Roses growing next to Sweet Potatoes.

Art?  Graffiti?  How about both?

Fancy place to lock up your bike in front of a/perture

Cherry Pie Bar.  To Die For!
A special treat from the Camino Bakery.

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Anonymous said...

at least you're not half a century