June 4, 2009

Nothing Much New

Not much knitting going on around here. A dishcloth here and one there, but not much else since the socks I posted last time. Sometimes I just think too much about the next project. I need to just jump right in and do something instead.
Other people have been busy around here though. L has been working on some models and painting some little tanks with RL. RL used to do body work on cars and has some great air brushing skills. He's slowly passing them on to L. (Frankly I think RL is enjoying it a little too much to officially pass it on to L!)
Nope, the tanks aren't attacking Gulliver! That's L's foot being attacked by tanks.

R - known as the photo stylist for this shoot - helped L figure out just where to take the pictures.
I like this one the best. Looks pretty accurate! I think L plans on painting some camo on the tanks and then he'll be finished.

Have you ever heard of a 'farkleberry'? Me neither. R is our resident plant expert and that's her guess for this plant. Apparently it's in the blueberry family. Anybody out there know anything about it?
The cactus is in bloom again! We have a couple more blooms just waiting to open. It's always such a surprise to see that splash of yellow!


kelly said...

Are you going to blow up the tanks?

Anonymous said...

Are you MAD Vomen!!!!!!

Linda said...

The pics of the tanks are great. I agree with you...the one with the small rocks looks real. Just so you know... I just had to do an immediate search for farkleberries...lol

kelly said...

If you don't blow them up, what was the point? Poppy would totally agree.

Thimbleanna said...

Now wait. Aren't you in the southeast? Drought aside, can you actually grow cactus in the southeast? I would have thought there would be too much moisture there. Cute tanks!