June 20, 2009

I am Officially Spoiled!

I thought I would share some of my b'day goodness that would prove that I am officially spoiled! Above is the cake that R made from scratch. It was wonderful!
Aren't these cool tie-dye candles? I love them! The cake says "Happy Birthday Mom" in cherry juice. It sort of ran, but I guarantee nobody was offended!

Here's a surprise that came in the mail the day before my birthday. My Ravelry buddy dyed this yarn just for me. I cannot wait to knit with it! This picture DOES NOT do the colors any justice. I'll try to get another picture in a better location and maybe the sun will cooperate with me.

She also made this bookmark for me. She sent a book too, so I will be able to get a lot of use out of this. We've been sharing books lately, so I have plenty of use for it.

Now this was a HUGE surprise! As a knitter and book lover, I can NEVER have enough tote bags. Mom took R and L shopping and they decided on this bag. I love it! I had no idea what was inside of it. It wasn't heavy. It was soft. Are you sitting down? You really need to...especially if you love yarn as much as I do!

Thirty skeins of cotton yarn! Our Michaels had their cotton yarn on sale for $1 a ball. I had already gone twice and gotten a total of 20 balls. Now I have 50 balls of cotton yarn (in addition to an undisclosed amount that I previously had)! What am I going to do with all of it? Hmmmm, I'm almost positive I can find something to do with it!
RL and the kids got me an ipod Shuffle - hot pink! And I got some clothes. Mom gave me a great shirt. I love it! I wore it yesterday and it was so comfortable and actually looked nice. Normally I go for comfort or nice. This time I got both! Since my jammies are OLD, but not as OLD as me, they got me a new night shirt and some jammies. I'm set! It felt like Christmas and I feel a little too spoiled, but I'm not complaining!
Thank you guys, you really made my day! And thank you for the comments too. Thimbleanna, I'm so glad to know that 45 is not old by today's standards! I won't be heading down to the local restaurants anytime soon for Early Bird Specials! As for my sister's comment that 45 is a 'little' old....she should know! She's older than me. Zing!

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Us said...

...why yes... yes, you are spoiled... Oh yeah, we're also modest and great, all rolled into one nice little cute package called US!!!!!!!!!!!