May 24, 2009

Alpaca and Socks

Remember when I told you about our trip to the Credence Farm last Sunday? I finally took some pictures of the alpaca I bought for me and me alone. I had a greedy moment. I tend to have a lot of those when yarn is involved....

Here's the general information.

I love the color! I told Mom and R that it looks like my hair - brown with some gray mixed in for good measure!
Just another view.

Remember the sock blank that my Ravelry buddy dyed and sent to me? This is what it looked like before it was ravelled and knit.

I started the cuff with the yarn starting on the left side of the above blank.

The white background of the blank with the little rosebuds made this section:
And....ta da...... Here they are!
This was such a fun adventure for me! I was so curious to see how they would turn out.

Here's another shot. The lighting stunk yesterday and wasn't much better today, so you'll have to trust me that they turned out very nice! Thanks KM for helping me get my sock knitting mojo back! It means a whole lot to me! :)


kelly said...

Very pretty sox. They look nice and summery. Is Babe the sheep who contributed to your habit? I need a sheep with "silvery, gossemer strands" for the sox you plan to make for me.

Rebecca said...

Well, isn't that FUN! I wondered what people did with those sock blanks and now I know. What a fun idea. The brownish/gray yarn you bought matches my hair, too..teehee