June 30, 2009

We Have a Graduate in our Midst

My baby has graduated. It is so hard to believe that he is old enough. (Since the kids stated very early on into my blogging adventures that they did not want current pictures of them on the blog, I can only share pictures of them when they were younger.) The picture above is of Ls preschool graduation. Can you see the little caps on his vest? I made that for him. He was quite the handsome four year old. That's his lovely sister hamming it up with him. R graduated in 2006.
This was Ls favorite place when he was younger - on his backhoe, Pepsi in hand and cowboy boots with shorts. He cut quite the stunning figure back in the day. His clothing choices have changed a little. I haven't caught him in shorts and cowboy boots for some time now. Thank Heaven!

This is his first birthday. We let him have his own little cake and he looks like he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Don't you just love those legs? My baby was solid!

And here is old blue eyes looking as handsome as ever.
Still has the gorgeous blue eyes and the cheeks you just want to pinch - although I know much better than to do that!
It is so hard to believe that both of the kids are adults. This wild homeschooling adventure we have been on for the past eleven years has been just that, wild. I wouldn't trade any of it for anything in the world. I probably should have done some things a little differently. I could have been a stricter teacher and made sure all those assignments were finished on time. However, the kids have taught me much more than I could ever have taught them. They taught me to slow down and look at all the flowers. To pick some and then find books to identify them. To look at animal tracks instead of hurrying on the walks through the woods. That it's okay to snuggle on the couch with books for the day instead of pouring facts into their heads. L didn't learn to read until he was much older than other children his age. He wasn't interested. Having homeschooled him, we had the luxury of letting him discover reading on his own, at his own pace. When he did decide to read - buddy, watch out, there was NO holding him back! The kid has a vocabulary that won't end. I don't know what he will end up doing. I don't know what R will end up doing. Shoot - for that matter, I don't know what I will end up doing! I'm just thankful for every day that I got to spend with my kids and the sacrifices that RL made so that I could. If they had been in school they never would have had the opportunity to learn the life lessons of the past few years. They wouldn't have been able to spend six days in the hospital with us as my Dad passed away. They never would have been able to go to Florida for a week or two at a time to help RLs Dad while he suffered and eventually passed away from lung cancer. They have seen things most kids their age don't see. Some of it I wasn't so sure they should see, but decided later they were better people for it. Like when Daddy fell and developed a hematoma 11 years ago and was in rehab for months. They went with me to the hospital everyday and got to visit with him. When they got older they were able to physically help him with whatever tasks he needed - many times without being asked. I know I think they are great kids because they are mine - but I know they are great people anyway!
Congratulations buddy! We love you!


Aredhel said...

Congratulations Luke! Way to go!

kelly said...

not only learned to read, but later became a heavy pusher - congrats.
ps I'm 3/4 the way through "proven guilty" stop nagging

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations L! And Good Luck for a rosy future!

Granny said...

Well, Mr. Minner...I can call you Mr. Minner now, right? So, what'cha gonna do with the "REST OF YOUR LIFE?"
I remember every one of those picutires...and "that sweet little face!" OHHHHHHHHH
Well Buddy...it's time to hit the pavement...get a job...get
a car...forget about the girls until you have a pocker full of dough! Yes sireee...LIFE AWAITS!
Luv'ya, dear'ol grannie