June 15, 2009

What do you do on a boring, rainy day?

Apparently, you sit in a box! Ginger decided that she needed to spend most of her afternoon right in the middle of the box. I don't blame her. If my butt was small enough, I might have joined her. I had to do something scary - much, much scarier than sitting in a box! I happened to glance at my driver's license a few days ago and noticed that it expired this year...on my birthday...which is on Thursday. ARGH! When we lived in Florida, we would go to the DMV and get a new picture and you were done. Here in NC - they give you a test! A test! The first time I had to get it renewed, I was SHOCKED! It's not a hard test....you just name a few signs. However, if you are not expecting it - it scares you! Shoot! It scared me this year when I did expect it. However it is renewed for the next eight years. Thank goodness and whew!
Summer is just around the corner. School up here just got out, so it seems like summer is just getting started. I guess technically it is. R and I are trying to get L interested in a summer reading program. Nothing like bribery to get someone to read books they should anyway! L is close to naming his price and R has picked some books she thinks he'll be interested in. I'm not sure he agrees though. I thought I might get some bookmarks and a few little things like that just to keep them going. They are 18 and 21, but they still deserve a few little surprises! Any ideas?

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kelly said...

I think they might be surprised if you give them a swift kick in the boom-boom.