May 9, 2009

Look Away if You're Diabetic!

We are friends with a family who loves R's cakes. They order them for most of their birthdays or other occasions they can think of. Sometimes they just order a cake to order one. The last cake R made was extremely detailed with seed packets on it. It was gorgeous. Well, the cake she made this time has some detail to it, but the most important thing it has going for it is.... ICING! Lots and lots and lots and lots of icing! April, the birthday girl, loves icing! When we started delivering the cakes, they asked us if we ever had leftover icing. We normally do and after a few years of exposure to the stuff, we have lost our love for it. So, we pack the stuff in a ziploc bag and take it with the cake. Last time April and her sister ran and got spoons and ate the icing out of the bag. Yeah, it's enough to make you sick! April asked for a cake with a cat on it, since she loves cats. R decided on a design and went with it. Then she decided to give April what she really loves...icing. This cake must weigh a ton! I haven't lifted it yet, so I haven't a clue. I'm pretty sure we need to take some insulin with us with we deliver it.

So, what do you think? R said it looks like a Gingerbread man got sick all over it. I think she's right! Hope they like it!

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Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- that's awesome. I LOVE it!!!