May 4, 2009

Once again....I am ashamed....

Yeah, yeah, I know I overreacted about the sock blanks. Not everybody in the world knows what I know and I don't know what everybody else in the world knows. That is probably a good thing on both counts! As for the sock blanks, they are simply yarn that has been knitted up into a long piece, or a 'blank', and then you dye it. There are two strands of yarn knitted together in the blank. You ravel it and then knit it into a sock. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's kind of like a mystery. You just never know what you're going to get when you're finished. When I quilted, my father-in-law would ask why I took a complete piece of fabric, cut it up into tiny pieces and sewed it all back together again. I guess you could kind of say the same thing here. I really don't know why I do either one, but I know I enjoy it, so that should be enough, right? Right!

As for the shame's because I haven't blogged in a while. I've been checking other blogs and trying to figure out why some are blogging regularly and here I sit...saying nothing at all. I need to do this update thing a little more often.
I do have things to share - like these stitch markers that came with my sock blank. My friend made them for me. Aren't they pretty? I just bought a new sock book with some complicated pattterns, so I imagine I will get to use these markers soon.

I like them all, but I'm a little partial to the one in the middle of the picture above. Aren't those beads pretty?

As for my friend who made them, her family could really use some prayers right now. Her grandmother just had a stroke and they are in the waiting phase. It's so difficult to wait until you hear something, good or bad. To matters worse, they live about a days drive from her grandmother and that makes the waiting a little worse. Please remember them in your prayers. Thanks.


kelly said...

Very nice. They could could double as earrings, they are that pretty. I know for a fact that you HAVE ENOUGH PEARLS to make earrings! I'm keeping "K---'s Grandma" in my prayers. Hope she is improving.

AllyJo said...

So when are you coming down to teach me to knit? We bought some books and got the knit and purl down. I can make a scarf and that's about it. I want to do socks.

I hope this link works. Check this out. It's a funny CofC video some friends made.