January 4, 2009

Tomorrow They'll All Be Home!!!!!

Yeah! Tomorrow RL and L will be heading back home from Florida and Mom and Daddy will be heading back from Tennessee. That is not soon enough for me! Meanwhile R and I are keeping ourselves busy. We are the official kitty sitters for Mom and Daddy. Whew! What a full time job! Those cats are a handful! When we got to their house yesterday, R had to fight off Gus so we could get into the door! He was very excited to have company. Scout was her snooty self and acted like she couldn't care less, but she was the first one in the litter box once it had been cleaned out. I know the little snot was grateful. She also seemed quite grateful to have clean water and new food. She can't fool us! She left us alone most of the time we were there, but Gus felt like he had a captive audience and decided to show off a little. This picture below is one of the few times he actually sat still! R made some paper airplanes and would throw them for him. He would fetch them for her. I know that cat has some dog in him somewhere...
I've been sewing a little bit while the guys are gone. R likes to keep late hours, so I've had lots of sewing time trying to stay awake with her. She is wearing me out! Back to the sewing...last year RL and the kids filled my stocking with some pretty wild quilters quarters. Here's a sampling:
I cut them in 5x5 squares, following a really cute pattern I bought at one of our local quilting/knitting stores. I lined the bag in black.
Here's a funky purple button I found at Joann's.
This isn't a great shot, but at least you get a general idea of what it looks like. We had to hang it up because Gus is a wee bit nosey and decided he needed to rummage through it. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back - I guess that's true in Gus' case. Hopefully today will go much better and he won't be as needy. Who am I trying to kid?

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