January 16, 2009

Twenty-one Years Ago....

In a kingdom far, far away (Florida), a couple (RL and K) wanted to have a baby. After three years of marriage, they thought the time was right. Told they couldn't have a baby without some difficulty, they set out to prove the physicians wrong. And prove them wrong they did! Nine months later, with a fast approaching due date, the couple was sure they would have a male heir. Since the father had come from a family of all males and his brother had only produced male heirs, it seemed to be their destiny. To add to this destiny, the mother had a sister who had only produced male heirs. However, the mother's grandmother had a small vision that the child would be a girl and bought many, many pink things. Fearing the grandmother was wrong, the future parents set out to buy at least one outfit fitting a male heir. That night at ye olde mall while shopping for the soon to be male heir, the mother felt some discomfort and chalked it up to ye olde gas pains. But alas, it was not to be....for it was the start of labor. Sure that it was not labor and ready with a name for the male heir, she went to bed. Hark, some where around one, the mother was awakened with horrible pains in her lower back. Setting off to the living room so as not to disturb her sleeping husband, she lie on the couch in pain for three hours before she could no longer stand it. Waking her husband at a suitable time and waiting for a more suitable time before summoning the physician, they finally decided the time had arrived to make the call. The physician informed the mother that she was indeed in labor and had been for many hours. A beautiful baby weighing in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces was brought into this world shortly after 1:00 p.m. The family rejoiced. Yet, what was this? A girl child? How unequipped the family was! How joyful the family was for producing the first girl child! How proud the grandmother was who knew all along it was a girl! Many days passed with the new parents having no idea how to care for any child be it a girl or boy! Fear was their new friend! Sleepless nights and weary days were common with the screaming child! Rocking chairs were broken from ceaseless rocking - which was done in shifts. Physicians told the parents that the child did not have colic....there was no such thing! Where did they hear of such foolishness. However, a young physician took pity on the family and introduced them to a very expensive formula that eased the symptoms of the child and, in turn, the symptoms of the parents! (Side note: the physician who denied the existence of colic later had a child who had the non existent ailment - HA!) The child grew and grew and became quite adept at crafting, reading and all other fun. School became an endless source of joy until a troll disquised as a educator became a source of much stress. The child was brought home to continue her education and blossomed by discovering her own interests. Soon knitting became an interest. Finding no one to teach her due to her young age, she set out to teach herself. Now she is the knitting wizard around these parts and sought after for her education. Spinning soon followed and cocoons were spun into silk. The child has grown and enjoyed the company of a male sibling. Today the child is officially not a child anymore. But that's okay - she will always be my child! I love you R!!!! Happy Birthday!
Okay, now I can 'talk' normal! Things are still happening around here although I'm just not sitting here telling you about it on a regular basis. I got a great book - Socks A La Carte - and have been knitting a pair of socks...but you have to wait until I take pictures! R is knitting her Lady Eleanor (or is it Elinor?) stole. It's beautiful!
L is plugged into the Wii! I had to quit for a while due to a possible Wii related injury. When you really 'throw' yourself into the Wii sports game you open yourself to all kinds of injuries! They really should make you warm up before you play those games!
We are so incredibly cold here today! The windchill when RL went to work was 4! 4!!!!!! Can you believe that? Ginger didn't like it at all even though she's an indoor cat and meowed until I would get out of bed. Did she need food? No. Did she need water? No. She needed the warm spot where I was sleeping! Sneaky cat!
On a very joyful note - RLs Dad accepted Jesus as his Saviour yesterday. After years and years of indifference we were afraid he may never change his mind. However, the past few years have softened his heart. RL could hardly talk when he got off the phone last night because he was so excited!
Have a Happy Birthday R, have a great day everybody out there and stay warm and I hope to have pictures next time!


Granny said...

What a fun read! I felt as though I, myself, was "in the Kindgom!" Really...I did!!!
If I've ever seen a real Princass, in person...Bec would be it!
Oh, my goodness, how I remember that day...it will go down in the "Anals of History!!!"
Twenty-one years huh?
Why does it feel like 40???
Oh...enough...she's definitely a keeper!
What would we have done with ourselves if she had never appeared on the scene?
Well...let me see...just kidding Bec! :-)
Man, it was "down-right shiverry" this morning!!! I thought the newspaper would walk in by itself when I opened the door! BRRRRR!! And...to think we could have stayed in Florida, with "the same
old, same old!!!" Give me some shivery cold and snow, now and then! I'm luvin'it!
Well, I guess that's it!
Love, Granny

Bella Modiste said...

GAH! I missed your birthday R! Jeez...i'm really sorry....I haven't been keeping up with blogs like I should....but anyways..i can to tell you....
come sign up my blog giveaway!! http://thebellamodiste.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-world-one-heart-blog-giveaway-event.html