December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!
What a year this has been! And, it's one year I am glad to put behind us. I always hope for the best for the new year and hopefully this year will bring better things for all of us.
This is the first New Year since RL and I have been married that we aren't together. It feels really odd. He felt the need to go to Florida to see his parents, so he and L are there. His Dad was given bad news from the oncologist and chemo has been stopped. Hospice was called in and the time has been made to face the facts. Somehow we will all have to be positive to get through this.
I did not want to make this post all 'gloom and doom' but it seems our year has been that way. My Dad's brother passed away a few days ago and my parents are headed to Tennessee tomorrow. Tomorrow is also their 48th anniversary. So, in spite of the sadness, Happy Anniversary Mom and Daddy!
On the upnote, Christmas decorations are down! The tree is outside and almost all the boxes are in the attic. The house feels so much bigger! We needed that extra space...the kids got a Wii for Christmas. What a great game system! We are all sore beyond belief, but it feels great to get some exercise and work out some of that frustration we've all been feeling.
I'm off to test a pattern that R created. Wish me luck!
Have a great New Year and I hope it's happy, healthy and safe for everyone!


Mom said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Hope the guys make it back safely and will leave Florida in good spirits, inspite of the sadness of the trip.
It is so freekin' cold outside, I can't imagine what it will be like in the morning...and the mountains...UGH!
Hope we don't have to make ANY pee-stops until we pull into Ralph and Laura's place.
Talk about miracles.........WOW!
I love you guys, Mom

AllyJo said...

God bless you and your family. You'll all be in my prayers and thoughts. I pray for peace and comfort at this time. I know it's hard.

Happy New Year. Make it a good one. God is good.

Bella Modiste said...

Hugs to all...Willing be thinking of and praying for your family.