January 8, 2009

NOW everybody is home!

Can you see the 'puffed up' cardinal in the bare tree? He was certainly feeling the dreary weather! Hmmm, I think I'm going to tell people that I'm just 'puffed up' to stay warm instead of admitting to this fat thing I've got going on.

This is the sun! R and I were out while the boys were still in Florida and the fog was horrible! We could actually look directly at the sun - it looked just like the moon at night. The fog sure made driving interesting...

Here's Gus, all cozy. He must have known that his Mom and Dad were on there way home. They got home late Monday night. What a welcome sight they were! It was such a rainy, foggy, dreary night when they got in. We went over early and turned their heat up a little so it would be comfortable after being out in the cold, wet weather. I don't know who was more excited to see them - us or Scout and Gus!

Here is the gorgeous yarn that a wonderful Ravelry buddy sent to me for Christmas. I've been waiting for a great day to take pictures so you can see the beautiful color. Now that I've taken these pictures, guess what -the sun came out! Oh well...you can get the general idea. She spun three skeins for me and dyed them. I also got a beautiful pair of the Harmony dpns from Knit Picks. She sent some blooming tea that I am so anxious to try! I might have to get a glass tea pot so I can enjoy the blooming of the flowery tea bag. Such a thoughtful Christmas gift! Thank you Aredhel so much!
As for my boys, well, they got home Tuesday night. What a sight for sore eyes they were! They worked their butts off in Florida taking care of RLs Dad and also doing whatever errands needed to be done around the house. Although his Dad has gotten weaker, he is still well enough to be home. Hospice has started their visits this week. Luckily his Dad has a good attitude about it all. He hates to be a burden, but we all need help at some time or another and we all have to help at some time or another.

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Thimbleanna said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that hospice has started early. But, I'm happy that everyone is home now. Love that pretty color on the yarn you've received!