December 18, 2008

The Snowman and his Minions

Monday was RLs Christmas party at work. He volunteered to bring a cake. R set her brain in motion and made her Christmas special - the melting snowman.

Of course when you have left over cake batter, you can't waste it! So, the minions were made. The cake is normally a big hit. The only problem we've ever had with it is nobody wants to cut into it! RL said he had to take the plunge at work or it would have sat there all day in one piece!

Tomorrow is RLs last day at work for the holidays! Can't wait to have him around here for a couple of weeks!


Thimbleanna said...

Soooo Darn Cute! That sure wouldn't have lasted long at my workplace!

Bella Modiste said... made a cake yellow w/ half a can of cherry pie filling...with white icing and coconut, then poured the other 1/2 can of cherries over top....and top it off...shoved a plastic fork in it handle down...melting de-capitated snowman...was very yummy though!
looooove Rs snowman...*super* cute!
ooh guess what my Christmas presents are....#1 is a Japanese felt crafting book....*squeal*...#2is Softies felt crafting fun fun!!!