December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Can you see Ginger hiding in her little hidey hole under the Christmas tree? I think she is the smartest one of us all! I would like to be tucked in there too. The past few days have been filled with last minute trips to town...even one to the mall which I swore I would never do this close to Christmas! Mom sounded a wee bit needy, so I sucked it up and went. Consider it a BIG Christmas present, Mom! BIG, BIG, BIG PRESENT! A couple of trips to the grocery store thrown in for good measure and we are as ready for Christmas as we can be. Like everyone else we have seriously cut back on our spending. I hope the kids will be pleased with what Santa is bringing them.
It's been a wee bit depressing around here lately. The holidays always have a touch of depression in them for me. Don't know quite why. This year has had its fair share of real, honest to goodness depression. As for little Logan - his Dad opted to have him be an organ donor. I was so happy that something wonderful could come out of his death. Logan's mom passed away today and is also an organ donor. When I found out and was upset, RL reminded me that they are now together and we should be happy. I truly am grateful for that, but I am so sad for Logan's dad and grandparents. But then I think of all the people who have been waiting for a donor and now their Christmas will be wonderful. Also I have to remember the great things that have happened at Christmas time. Both R and L asked me to baptize them on Christmas Eve three years ago. That always makes my heart smile.
So, look for the good in whatever your situation is this year.
Merry Christmas!

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