September 23, 2008

New Fall Socks

I finished my latest pair of socks!
The completion of socks is always a cause for celebration around here.
This yarn was interesting. I had picked it out last year from Knit Picks and thought I really liked it. I made it into a ball and there it sat in my sock yarn basket for almost a year. It just wasn't speaking to me. One day last week I decided I needed a project to work on while I was at the doctor's office and thought of this yarn. I started three separate patterns, but I just didn't like the yarn! Finally I decided a generic sock pattern would have to do because I needed some mindless knitting for the week. The next day I went outside and knit in the natural light and this yarn just came alive! It was so pretty that I couldn't stop knitting. Before I knew it, I had both cuffs done. Then I had both legs done. Next thing I knew, I was turning the heel and picking up stitches! So much for mindless knitting at the doctor's office...I was almost finished before my appointment day! Last night the toes were graphed and I have my first pair of fall.
Hmmm, what to knit next? I did get my new Mason Dixon book in the mail yesterday and lots of cool ideas are popping off the pages at me. Maybe I'll find something there. Wish me luck!


Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty! Did you have any trouble with the yarn? When I used knitpicks, I found it to be really splitty.

AllyJo said...

So, so pretty. I covet everything you do. The picture of the folded laundry in the drier is funny. LOL