September 30, 2008

Fair Frenzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even Ginger is trying to figure out what is going on.
Well, Ginger, it's officially Fair Frenzy time! This is the time that work on projects hits high gear. Last minute trips to the craft store are a common occurrence. Ripping out and resewing or reknitting are also common around these parts. I'm ready for this fair to be over. I want to drop this stuff off at the fair and never look back. And I am not even the one entering stuff in the fair! It's all R! I'm only the official driver, financial backer and watcher of the crafting taking place, but I am so tired.....

There are some perks to hitting so many craft stores. At one of our favorite crafting haunts, Sugar and Cream has gone up to $1.79! Can you believe that? While wandering around Wal-Mart yesterday, waiting for some 8x10s to be developed, we hit the two crafting aisles they have left. (Isn't that sad? Just two aisles.) We happened to notice that some of the Peaches & Creme yarns were $1!!!!! So, into the buggy went $1 yarn! Dishcloths for Christmas gifts and maybe another towel for the oven bar are on the list of To Do projects thanks to the new stash. I guess there are some perks to this Fair Frenzy. Pray for me...I need it.

By the way, pictures of all the projects will be posted as soon as the judging has taken place. I'm not allowed to show anything to anybody until then, according to the crafter extraordinaire. I guarantee that the wait will be worth it though!

I noticed that one of the blogs I regularly get onto - Monica Knits Alot - had a pray request on it. Her sister lost her husband suddenly. What a horrible and unexpected loss. With all the hoopla going on in the world today with finances, elections, wars, etc. it kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? So, if you are inclined, please pray for Monica's sister. I'm sure she will welcome it.


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooohhhh can't wait to see some fair projects. Looks like a fun load of Sugar 'n Cream!

AllyJo said...

Oh that yarn is so, so pretty. I want some. I'll have to look for it.