September 25, 2008

Mason-Dixon Scores Again

I have been looking everywhere for a hanging towel pattern. We have a tendency to hang towels over the oven bar only to end up with towels with a tendency to not want to hang on the oven bar! So, when 'Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines' came out and I saw they had a pattern for one, it was my first project from the new book. There's no shortage of cotton yarn in this house, so I grabbed the first skein I could get my hands on and started knitting. The only difference I made was using size 6 needles instead of size 7. The only reason for that was I had size 6 and not size 7! Since I enjoyed knitting this and know we will need more than one, I have remedied that situation. The next one will definitely be on size 7s.
I dug through my button jar as soon as I was finished and found the perfect button! It kind of livens it up a little, don't you think?


Thimbleanna said...

Very cute! I briefly glanced at that book the other day -- I need to look at it more -- it looked like it had some fun stuff. I love your little button choice!

Linda said...

I love that someone else does this...well, I don't knit mine, but I do crochet the top onto kitchen towels to hang over the oven bar... Makes life much nicer.. :O)

AllyJo said...

OH so pretty and I love the button.