March 15, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

RL was out raking today and asked me to take some pictures of our plum tree. It is so pretty when it's in bloom. The leaves will come out soon and hopefully will not be followed by Japanese Beetles. The past two years they have eaten the leaves until the tree is bare. So we are trying to enjoy the tree while we can and hope for the best.
Today I managed to sneak out of the house by myself - when was the last time I did that????? I had some Easter shopping to do for the kiddos. Man, you would have thought it was Christmas! People were everywhere! I had to park in the back 40 at Target. I can't even imagine what Wal-Mart must be like today. I did enjoy my alone time and looking at whatever I wanted to. The kids are good about going places with me and not complaining, too much, but it's always nice to go somewhere and have the a/c on the temperature you want and listen to the music you want. A rare treat, indeed.

Here's a lone daffodil that started showing up every spring under our maple tree. I have no idea how it got there because we didn't plant it. You can see how hard the ground is. It is hard to imagine how anything so delicate looking could break through this ground. We noticed it about two or three years ago and were thrilled it decided to make it's annual appearance this year.

Kudos to my sister for getting her hair cut for Locks of Love. Her hair was almost to her waist and now it's 12 inches shorter. It looks great and bouncy. I told my kids that I needed to do that. R didn't say much and L immediately said NO! I don't think he remembers that I've have short hair most of my life and just let it grow when we moved up here ten years ago. I'll have to think about it and remember that I don't need anybodies permission! Right? Right??????

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kelly said...

Go for it. The amazing thing is that IT GROWS BAAACCCKKKK.....