March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! While going through some old pictures today, I found this one from probably Easter 1995. That would put L at four and R at seven. They really look like they love each other. Hmmm, what happened to that? Look at L's little fingers. Gosh! They grow up so fast!

So, what are you plans for the big day? We will have Mom and Daddy over for lunch or dinner. Actually, whenever they get here, we will eat. RL and I took R shopping the other night for Easter. Normally she and L go together, but he was at game night with his buds. He said she did a good job. I think he was just relieved that he didn't have to go! He's not a big shopping, ya know. I finished up Easter basket stuff today. R sent me by the yarn shop with a mission: get yourself something you like because I haven't had the chance. So, I did. You don't have to tell me more than once to buy yarn. I can't show it to you yet because I don't know anything about it - wink, wink.

RL's dad is still in need of prayers. Last Thursday he went for a needle biopsy for the spot on his lung. They didn't tell him prior to his appointment that four out of five people have their lung collapse. Seems like a pretty important thing to tell someone. Sure enough, his partially collapsed. His hour long appointment turned into an all day affair. We'll know more on Tuesday. The doctor taking the biopsy said the spot was so small that he had trouble even getting two samples. I thought that sounded pretty promising. Got to keep remembering not to worry til there's something to worry about.

I leave you with yet another blast from the past. This is an Easter picture from 1994. Mom had made their clothes that year. L has on an Elvis shirt and white pants. We couldn't find blue suede shoes, so he wore white shoes! R was looking like the little lady she truly was/is. I miss those days!

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