March 9, 2008

Happy Day Lights Savings Time

Yeah right! What's so happy about getting one hour less of sleep? Nothing I can think of. We did get some good news from Florida. It looks like things with RLs dad aren't quite as bad as we had feared. For that I am truly thankful. Some more tests and a biopsy and we'll know more. Keep praying!
L was devastated earlier this week when he heard of Gary Gygax passing away. Now, if you aren't very, very, very familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, you don't know much about him. However, if you have a D&D junkie in your house like we do, you know who he was. He was one of the creators of the best game of all time - according to our 17 year old. He even had R make him a black arm band to wear to his weekly game night. Gary Gygax passed away from an inoperable abdominal aorta aneurysm. Kind of hit close to home with all we've been dealing with the past few months. We were all so glad that RLs Dad was able to have surgery. So sorry to hear that this man was not.
I started knitting a pair of socks for L. He's been nagging me to make some out of sock weight yarn for years. He has two pair made in worsted weight, but wanted sock weight. Of course it takes twice as long to knit in sock weight. He is thrilled and I am thrilled that they are almost finished. I'm used to knitting a woman's size 8 - not a man's size 11. Sure does take a whole lot more yarn! I'll post a picture as soon as they're finished - hopefully very soon! I'm ready to start on something else.
R got an order for a cake this past week. Colorful and with an 18 on it were the only requests. She was very able to handle that. I think it looks kind of like tie dye. Very pretty and her customer was thrilled with the outcome.

Happy Birthday Rachel! Hope you like LOTS of icing!

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kelly said...

Nice job on the cake. I hope Rachel is not a diabetic. Glad to hear about Mr. Bill.