March 3, 2008

A Birthday and Fourth Place

RL is the dapper dude closest to the VW. His younger brother is other dapper dude.
Yesterday was RL's birthday. Why didn't I blog about it sooner? Well, I was busy celebrating a birthday with him and the kids! We had such a nice weekend - which did not last long enough!
We normally ask him what he wants and he says clothes and we shop for boring clothes. This birthday he wouldn't tell me what he wanted. I kept asking and asking and we were getting down to the wire. Finally I asked on Thursday night. He got real quiet and looked like he was thinking very deep. I couldn't tell if he was thinking about what he wanted or how to tell me what he wanted! He never, ever, ever asks for anything expensive. He never, ever, ever indulges in anything expensive like ATVs, hunting, fishing, sports, tickets to big games or concerts - nothing. He's the most unselfish man alive! He finally spoke up and said he wanted a Compound Miter Saw and they were on sale at Sears. So, Friday night we ventured out to Sears and he picked it out. If it had been left up to me to buy, Heaven only knows what I would have come home with....probably some yarn! (You know, the LYS is just across the street and around the corner from Sears......) Now he is planning all the wonderful things he wants to do with it and I'm excited! I'm not allowed to use it. L already informed me of that. We had borrowed one from a friend and I had never used one before. I was cutting some wood and dummy me didn't realize you had to hold the wood in place. Down came the blade, the wood was cut and the piece I didn't want came flying and hit me in the neck. L sprang into action to make sure I was still alive and hasn't forgotten about it since - or let me forget either! That is why I am not allowed to use this one. Geez, you make a little mistake and nobody forgets!

Mr. Potato O'Head bids you all adieu. He came in Fourth Place over at Mason Dixon Knitting. We were hoping for a better spot, but he was in stiff competition with all those women. A guy just can't compete with two monkies, a rat, and a frog. Geez, how does a potato stand a chance? He's just lucky he didn't get eaten alive! If you voted for Mr. O'Head, thank you from the bottom of his heart. If you didn't, well, you should have! Yes, I am a little biased! I know his designer personally, having given birth to her.

See ya later, tater!


kelly said...

giggle, snarf, gaphaw, Who is the dapper guy in the (giggle) white shoes?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

I always love an old photo, even my own! Randy hasn't changed one bit! Well, the hair's a little grayer...he's much taller...and, I suppose he shaves now???
Tim looks soooo little!
Two fine lookin' young men!!
By the this the V-Dub that "MomMo" drove to one buy cigarettes?
Yes...we are glad the knitting contest is over, gone, done, finished...let's all raise our cokes as we cheer Rebecca's hard work. She should have won, but "NO"...some overdressed, ugly Hollywood monkey-babe took the prize!!!
The little chubby dude was left in the cold!
Well...not really, his Mom is a knitter, he will "NEVER be left in the cold again!"
"Tell them to eat turnips!"
I love ya' Dude!
Yo Granny!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, Mr. PotatoHead is still #1 in my book!