March 10, 2008

Socks for the boyby*

L, better known as the boyby, has been secretly admiring socks made from the self striping sock weight yarn that I've been knitting for a couple of years. I made him and RL some worsted weight socks knit on size 6 needles because the were quick, warm and they liked them. Then L started dropping some major hints that he would like some 'sock weight' socks. I didn't have a pattern, or so I thought, and started asking around. Then I got into my patterns and found a 'Beginner's Lightweight Sock' pattern by 'Knitting Pure & Simple'. Perfect! The needle size was 2, not too bad. The pattern called for approximately 416 yards. I told him I would make them but he would have to go in to the yarn store with me to pick out his yarn and not sit out in the car waiting for me. He agreed. Of course R is always up for a trip to the yarn store, so she went along too. After looking over the selection for a few minutes he found the above colorway. It's Lana Grossa and cost $15.85. Expensive socks, I know, but there is way more expensive sock yarn out there. I started knitting....and knitting....and knitting. They called for an 8" cuff. I normally do a 6" cuff for R and me. I also cast on 72 stitches instead of the usual 60 some odd stitches, so it was going to take some time. Luckily the needle size was bigger than I normally use, so these babies were turning out faster than I thought they would. The first one was finished in no time. Dreaded Second Sock Syndrome threatened, so I cast on as fast as I could. However, my yarn was dwindling rapidly. I did NOT want to buy another skein at $15.85! That would make these socks a little too expensive for my blood. I love the kid, but gee whiz! I happily knit my socks out of Knit Picks! I panicked. Back to the yarn store. Luckily they had at least one more skein in the exact dye lot I needed. I sucked up my thoughts of not spending that much money on a pair of socks and bought it. The pressure was on. He started asking a little too often for my liking just when those socks were going to be finished. I knit on. I told him probably by the end of the weekend. Who was I kidding? I was burnt out on those socks and wondering when I was going to have to join that new skein.
I never had to join that new skein. This is what I was left with. Can I return the new skein?
Not when it's been wound into a yarn cake! Oh well. L is happy. I am happy they are finished. I have given him the lecture of a life time of the proper treatment of his socks. He is so incredibly tough on socks that I'm glad I have that other skein. I might just be doing a lot of darning! (By the way, I bought an antique sock darner on e-bay last week. When it comes I'll share pictures with you!) I did finish them last night around midnight, so they were finished by the end of the weekend. What to knit now??????
Here's another pose. Do those look like proud feet or what?

Ginger saw the camera and had to get in on the action. It's hard to take a picture when a cat is head butting your hand and demanding attention.
*Boyby = Boy + Baby This is a word coined by my nephew. I asked my sister about it and she said that when her youngest was about four she called him her baby. He informed her he was not a baby - he was a boyby. It stuck and at 22 he is still her boyby - just like L will always be mine. We had to adjust the term for R - she's my girlby.


Jennifer said...

Those are great socks! I like the way that yarn striped. BTW, I have made socks for my nephew with just 50g of self-striping yarn and then an accent color for the heel and toes. It's a thought!

kelly said...

couldn't get your model to shave before the shoot? Nice sox

Thimbleanna said...

Very nice! I wish I could get my boyby's to wear handmade socks -- you're a lucky girl!