February 11, 2008

How Could I Forget????

Remember the Hallowig R made in purple last year? Well, she's struck again - this time with red. Whenever RL has something happen to him he feels is 'unjust', he tells us he feels like a 'red headed step child'. I don't know where that came from. I don't know what he's got against red headed step children. (I kind of feel sorry for red headed step children now.) Anywho, last week was kind of stressful, to say the least, and RL was feeling like - you guessed it - a red headed step child. R knew she had to make a red Hallowig for him. She diligently worked on that sucker and cranked it out in less than 48 hours. She presented it to RL, who, after a proper modeling session, promptly stuck it in his briefcase to share with a coworker the next day. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, well, cubicle, when his coworker came around the corner and saw him wearing it! He said it created quit the riot. RL has a salt and pepper beard and to see him wearing it is definitely a sight to behold! No dignity involved whatsoever. However, would he willingly sit for a photo shoot? Nope. Actually, nobody would. Even Cindy Styrofoam head is hiding from me and that is saying alot!

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