February 2, 2008

Happy Groundhog Day!

According to what I've seen, Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow. Six more weeks of winter, right? I guess as long as I have my knitting to keep me warm and RL doesn't have to travel anymore, it won't matter how long winter lasts. After I finished knitting my socks (mentioned in the last entry and being worn today! Great yarn! It feels so soft on my feet.) I decided to do some really mindless knitting. Since Morehouse Farm was having a terrific sale, I ordered their Bow Tie Scarf. (Check with them every Monday. The put five items on sale for good prices.) I can't remember what the colorway is, but it reminds me of fall. I wasn't paying any attention to the pattern when I ordered it, so I was surprised it was straight knitting, I felt like it was a gift from above. I needed a plan old garter stitch scarf to help my knitting funk!

It looks a little ragged in this above picture. Mainly because R has put it on the cat, tied it in every possible way, worn it every possible minute of every possible day or put it on me to wear when she is bathing. I didn't realize how ratty it looked until I starting taking pictures of it. Might have to wash and block this baby after all.

When I finished this project, I moved on to a project I already had the yarn for in my stash since last summer, at least, and the pattern. I needed something a wee bit more than garter stitch, but not too wild. This pattern came from my pattern a day knitting calendar. Shoot! I can't find the pattern to tell you the name. Oh well, I can tell you it's a ten cable baby hat and was a breeze to make. A little more complicated than garter stitch, but still easy enough to make it a 'take along' project. It's made from Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran - less than one skein too! That's a great deal! I started in the evening of January 31st, worked on it a little while RL was at the doctor and then finished it last night! I don't really have a specific baby in mind for this project, but our neighbors are trying to adopt and I figured maybe I should get prepared just in case this is the year they get a baby!

Knitting's not the only thing going on around here. R found this pattern in the same magazine she found the notebook cover from the previous entry. She's more daring when it comes to sewing than I am and jumped in with both feet. She did a beautiful job too. She told me she had the fabric to make mine, so I'm waiting.....and waiting....and waiting.....hopefully it won't be too long. Hopefully she's not wanting me to make it myself! That has been known to happen around here.

Believe me, this picture does not do this little bag justice. She did a great job on it!

Happy Groundhog Day!


Yo Mahma said...

Wow...you Girls are busy, busy, busy! I love all of it! The little hat is adorable...you say that's for a baby?
Don't you girls each have one like it?
The purse is B-U-timus!!!
Love the print and the colors. You're right, Bec did an excellent job!
Now...if she'd only...Oh well!!!
Meant to tell you that I like the pic of Ginger, from the last entry.
She's getting so outgoing!
Who'da thunk little "Miss
Touch Me Not" would EVER look at a camera?
The scarf looks cool hanging from that big-ol' tree!
It looks primeval...sort'a???
Better close and get the last load of laundry folded.
GO "ELI"...PUT THOSE patriots AWAY! Can't have them in the same league as "The Miami Dolphins Perfect Season." What an exciting year that was...I was so proud of them...all of them were great guys, who were fun to watch!
Better close and get ready for bed, I'm soooo tired tonight.
Love ya', Yo' Mahma

Bella Modiste said...

cute bag!