February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Look what I found on the computer chair this morning. Does the man know me or what??? Chocolate - which is always the right gift! A little lamb - which is also always the right gift. And, a very sweet card! What a nice treat to stumble upon first thing in the morning.
We had more snow last night after I posted. I think when R went out to measure it, we were around an inch. Now that doesn't sound like much to some of you in other parts of the country. However, here, it stops everything! School is closed for the day. Because we homeschool it doesn't really matter to us either way, but I am prepared for the typical 'snowday argument' I get everytime it snows. It appears there isn't much ice, if any, and that is great. The only problem I have around here is a lunatic daughter who likes to make footprints in the snow...without shoes...or socks. She gets it from her father. Honestly, I didn't know he was like that when I married him. It doesn't snow that often in Florida, so how was I to know he had this snow walking fetish?!?!? Nurture or nature? You decide.
The snow is melting very fast this morning because the sun is out and the sky is about a blue as it can get. I hate to see the snow leave because it is beautiful.
Yesterday R and L spent all day in the kitchen making chocolates for today. I think L may have sampled a few too many because he said he didn't care if he ever had chocolate again! Oh dear! Guess what I got him for Valentine's Day? I will personally take it upon myself to make sure his chocolate doesn't go to waste if he doesn't want it. As for the chocolates - they made buckeyes, something they call G-bombs (a recipe they got from Food Network) and chocolate covered strawberries, which R decorated as little tuxedos and L told her she had too much time on her hands. R was also working on some sort of cake. The kitchen is NOT a pretty sight this morning. I went to bed before it was all finished. I couldn't stand the mess or staying up all night!
Have a Happy Valentine's!

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