February 16, 2008

Here's My Surprise!

While RL was in Ireland, R and I begged him to bring back some 100% Irish wool. He tried to find a yarn shop and asked everybody from his Irish coworkers to the taxi driver. Finally, while walking through Newcastle, he found a wool shop and brought back some beautiful yarn for both of us. After he got back, I thought about this blog that I visit all the time: Celtic Memory Yarns. Jo, the wonderful woman who has this blog, lives in Ireland. While RL was in Northern Ireland and Jo lives in Southern Ireland, I thought maybe she would know of a wool shop up there. I figured it was either something she would know or could find out better than I could or it would be like asking someone in Florida if they knew of a yarn shop in Alaska! She said she would look around and let me know. Since several of RLs coworkers would be heading to Ireland, I thought maybe one of them would take mercy on my plea and drop into a wool shop for me and bring something great back for me. Jo was working on her end and I was waiting patiently on mine. She wrote and said she had some wool in her possession that was from Kerry Woolen Mills there in Ireland and she would send some to me. All she wanted in exchange was either some yarn from my stash I was willing to part with or some needles she couldn't readily get there. Since my stash consists mainly of Knit Picks or yarn that my family splurges on for gifts for me that I could never part with, I hit my LYS and found the needles in the sizes she asked for and let her know I was game for this deal if she was. This is what she sent me:

Three skeins of organic yarn, 400 meters each.

It smells wonderfully sheepy and I can't wait to work with it, but now I have to find just the right project for it. Three pairs of socks, I know already. But what pattern(s)? I can't wait! I'll wait until my current project is off the needles and then start thinking really, really seriously about it. It came on Valentine's Day, so it made my day very special! Gee, I guess some things are better than chocolate!

R got a huge order from Knit Picks today. If you haven't been there to check out there yarn sale, you really need to - unless of course you would rather by groceries!

Thank you Jo!!!!!!

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