March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Today RL is celebrating his birthday. And....we have snow! I never get snow for my birthday. Yeah, yeah, I know it's in June, but still....

I love this picture of him. He's playing with a vacuum hose. I would love to know how old he is here. When his grandmother was moving to West Virginia over 20 years ago she gave me this picture. She had been carrying it around in her wallet.

(This picture has been edited to protect the privacy of my children at their request. See above post. Pretty funky looking, isn't it?)
Here we all are. I hate me in this picture, but everybody else looks good. That's RL on the left, of course, followed by R and L then me. We were actually in Florida last year for his Dad's funeral and everybody was trying to get everybody else to laugh. I'm the only dork laughing. As usual!

In the knitting news - socks are on the needles. I decided to knit some socks using the yarn I dyed with Easter egg dyes. It's making some really weird patterns/pooling. I can't wait until they are finished so I can show you pictures of them. A word to the wise - DO NOT knit while watching the gold medal hockey game. I did a decrease for the gusset somewhere not even near the gusset! Strange! Would have totally been worth it if we had gotten the gold. I won't even comment on the Olympics this year. I've already put my soap box away and there's no reason to pull it out and share my opinions on the games. R finished spinning her Targhee fiber. She did a great job on it. I keep telling her she needs to start knitting with it or I'm going to use it for socks! It's calling to me.......

That's all the news that's fit to print for the moment. Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!

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