January 31, 2010

A Wee Bit of the White Stuff

I guess you could say we got a little snow.
Hopefully my Forsythia isn't hating me too much for not planting it sooner.
If our meter is insulated in ice, will our electric bill be better? Nah, probably not.
This is why we can't open our back door. The snow has built up around the sliding screen door. We'll have to go out the front door and shovel the back door out!
The kids ventured out and took all of these pictures. They are pretty good!
I've been told (Kelly) that we needed to get different views besides the one from the front door (Kelly) and the one from the back door (Kelly). However, when it's 5 for a wind chill, the front door view and the back door view seem sufficient enough to me (Kelly)!
This is definitely my husband's child. My child is shown below with jeans and shoes. His child is doing what he does every year - walking around on the front deck without shoes on.

Some of these icicles are over three feet long! You don't have to remind me to not walk under them!
So, there you have a different view point than you normally have of our snow. You are welcome (Kelly).


Anonymous said...

What a treat to see those nice warm tootsees in the snow! Brrrrr!
Is she out'a her freakin' mind???
Had to venture out in the ice and snow this morning...to get one of my meds. I haden't taken it for 3 days! Thought I'd better take one, before I lost "MY freakin' mind!" (It was my antidepreasent!)
Our wonderful neighbers came over and scraped the ice and snow away from the front of the house. I had the car in the basement, thinking that was the best place to park so I could get out. Unfortunately, it was not! The snow was frozen solid against the garage door. The door did go up, but backing out wasn't easy...fishtailing all over the place!!! I made it okay though.
It's suposed be "8 degrees" tonight! I know it's cold...COLD, but it sure is prety. Just hoping no one will lose their electricity. We have bothe...gas and electric...so, hopefully all will go well, on a very frigid night!
You babies stay warm!
Love, Mom

kelly said...

"Your" child is related to his auntie. Although, "his" child has a nice nail color. If you squint and use your imagination, it kinda looks like you had a sand storm.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Brrrr! And that naked foot in the snow just gives me shivers -- Put a sock on that cold foot!

Rebecca said...

Fun shots! Make some snow ice cream, too!