January 12, 2010


I finally got R to get some pictures of her Dad's fingerless mitts (Dashing from Knitty). He gets home right before dark and if we don't snag the mitts right away, we won't have any light to get pictures. She caught him as soon as he got out of his truck and grapped the mitts!

She had a long list of things she wanted to knit for everybody for Christmas, but was running very short on time. I volunteered to knit these if she would provide the yarn and pattern.

What an easy pattern! They worked up quickly. I was kind of dragging my feet between mitts, but it wasn't their fault. I did manage to get them finished before RL went back to work - which was quite an accomplishment for me!

The cables were not difficult at all and the yarn, which I think was a Berroco
Alpaca/Merino blend, was a dream. I'll have to check with my 'client' and ask her what exactly the yarn was called that she shoved in my face when I said I would knit these! (Just caught her - Ultra Alpaca was the name of the yarn.)
RL truly appreciated this gift. I was hoping he would. His little truck isn't exactly the warmest vehicle in the world. It is just starting to get warm when he pulls into work, which is across town. He told me the other day that he has been wearing them every day and even showing them off to his coworkers! I think R stumbled upon a good gift for her Dad!

And yes, that is snow in some of the pictures. It's still hanging around since before Christmas. One of these days it will melt, maybe.

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kelly said...

We want birthday pictures, We want birthday pictures, we want birthday pictures, we want birthday pictures.....