December 1, 2009

Where Have I Been????

Good question! What a busy month November turned out to be. I don't know if 'busy' is the right word. Chaos is closer to it. This was our first Thanksgiving without Daddy, so we were kind of dreading it. It went better than I thought it would. A few days before Thanksgiving we had a little excitement. RL was taking the whole week off, so we were looking forward to an easy week. L had other plans. Monday evening he had extreme pain in his right jaw. I knew what it was. I didn't want to say it out loud, but I just knew those wicked wisdom teeth were finally showing up. After begging a dentist Tuesday morning to see him, it was indeed his wisdom tooth. The right bottom tooth is impacted and infected. A week of penicillin later, we are looking at next week for surgery. This one absolutely, positively needs to come out, so it will be the first. Do you know how expensive this surgery is - with dental insurance?????? Too unbelievable much! Merry Christmas to us! Add to that some other surprises and stressful situations and you have our November! There are some exciting things to report, but pictures need to be taken first. I'll give you a hint - somehow our living room has turned into the paper chain extravaganza from 'Elf'. Every morning there are new additions. But, you have to see it to believe it! I'll post pictures very soon! Hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving.

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Thimbleanna said...

Ouch! That's no fun -- poor L! On the bright side -- be glad you don't have my boys. When we took the first one to have his wisdom teeth out imagine my surprise when the surgeon said they charge PER tooth -- he had 7 of those little suckers and I think they were around $350 each. Then, number two child had 6 of them. I'm sure you can imagine the jokes I've had to endure about how smart they are LOL. Good luck with the surgery!