December 19, 2009

A Day in the Snow

Snow is everywhere! We are not used to it here in NC, so it has just about stopped life as we know it. The secondary roads are just about empty. The newspaper wasn't delivered in some areas. And we are not going anywhere! When I opened the back door, the above picture shows what greeted me. I put the camera on the floor so you could see how deep it was. Here's a very misleading measurement. The snow blew off the roof and piled close to the house. It was this deep on the back deck, but we actually had about six inches of snow in the yard. What do you do with that much snow? Well, you play in it. You throw it at each other. You fall into it. You don't leave RL alone or else you end up with a snowball almost as tall as the children!
Here they are showing how proud they are of their accomplishment. It took all four of us to roll it into the front yard - along with a boogie board and a long board for leverage. Man, are we sore! Why yes, the children do look snooty. They are proud and feel they have accomplished something no one else on our street has!

Here's our snowman with all his parts in place. Don't ask how we did it! But, if one of the neighbors had a video camera running, I think they will win America's Funniest Home Video!

And this was where we left the snowman this evening. R had started carving a face by standing on a ladder and using her gardening tools! Tomorrow we finish this monstrosity! Wish us luck!

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Rebecca said...

Enjoy your snow!!!! I remember down south how exciting it was to get it occasionally. It is a weekly occurrence here in the Rockies and won't melt until May. I will head south in the spring to see the azaleas when I get weary of it.... :-)