December 30, 2009

Christmas Time

Instead of starting this entry with a picture of grouchy old Ginger, I will start with a picture of my Mom's cat, Scout. Don't be deceived by this cute face! She looks all sweet and cuddly, but do not be fooled! Their is a Ginger lurking in there somewhere!
I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. We had a quiet day - which was just what we wanted. Of course we were a little apprehensive about the whole day since it would be the first Christmas without Daddy, but it went well in spite of that. There were a few tears, but mainly stories about him that made us smile. L and I are in the picture above. He got a Beatles Rock Band for the Wii. I've never been a big fan of the Beatles. Now I know I will never be a big fan of the Beatles! ARGH! Beatlemania has hit our house! L has become a master on the guitar and R has mastered the drums. I was making a feeble attempt at drumming. If you look closely, you can see what R and L will do with a ream of paper, a stapler, a paper cutter and a few hours. They made paper chains for almost every square inch of the ceiling! Origami 'things' are hanging where the chains intersect. It got to the point where I was afraid to go to sleep for fear of what I would find decorating the living room in the morning!

Okay, you knew it was coming! Here's Miss Ginger showing her 'friendly' side! The other day she climbed in my lap while I was in the recliner and stayed there for two hours! I was scared to death to move! Would she go for my jugular? Was she just cold? Why was she letting me pet her? The world may never know.

R got these adorable earrings from Santa (who shops at the Woolery for those of you who are curious).

This is my gift from R. She and L have been stealthily knitting to make beautiful Christmas gifts for me. I will make sure we get a big picture of this so you can see just how gorgeous it truly is. She snapped these pictures before she wrapped it and the snow was still on the ground.

Here it is all folded up. It is just case I hadn't made that point before! L also made me a beautiful scarf, but I am waiting for some pictures of that before I share. When your kids spend every evening up in their rooms knitting their fingers to the bones for you, you know they are special!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and that God will bless you in 2010!

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Thimbleanna said...

That first cat picture is adorable -- not sure about those glassy eyes on Ginger though LOL! I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday -- your kids are SO creative! I love that! The shawl they made you is gorgeous!