November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!

No pictures to post today. I would have flown our flag and took pictures of that to share, but Ida has decided to sit her big old storminess right on top of us. Rain for two days now and a couple more in the forecast.
As for the knitting front, the holy terror of a sock has finally decided to behave. Thank goodness! I had a minor setback the other day, but I was actually able to fix it with just a little bit of help from the resident knitting guru. I love it when I can fix my mistakes and then just take it to her to check. I never wanted to learn how to fix mistakes because I wasn't going to make mistakes! Ha! Double Ha even!
Hope everybody is having a nice day and remembering our veterans. Stay warm and dry!

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Bella Modiste said...

Hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!