October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Have you noticed that it's birthday month?

L, Daddy, R and Mom way back when the kids were in elementary school.

Today is Mom's birthday. She managed to have Kelly while she was still 19 and then the next day celebrated turning 20. I imagine she was a little too sore and preoccupied to really 'celebrate', but you get the idea.

I've had a hard time getting a good picture of Mom to put on here. She does not like to have her picture taken. Kind of hard to avoid when your husband's a photographer in his spare time!

This year is a little different, as you can imagine, but this birthday is going to be a good day for Mom. The birthday shopping is finished - and I can't share it with you because she might read this before we give her her gifts! (I can tell you that one of the gifts has been off the needles for a while.....hmm, wonder what it is???) We hit the Hallmark store and looked at every single card they had. We are fixing dinner for her and making sure she does as little as possible. Per her request, I've promised not to sing to her as Marilyn Monroe. Gee, she sure is demanding! Maybe as Eartha Kitt! :) R will make her special 'Granny Chocolate Cake' tomorrow and we'll be ready to celebrate!

By the way, I did sing as Marilyn Monroe to my sister today. And darn it! She was at home. No fun to embarrass someone when they are alone!

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MOM said...

Thank you Kristy for the sweet B-Day wish...I can't believe that I am 68 years old!
You know how it is when you're a kid and you wonder if you'll EVER live to be 16? Then...just die to be be 21! Then...maybe...30?
Why I looked forward to being 40, I do not know, but I did!!!
Soon your Dad said he looked forward to making love to his 50 year old wife! What kind'a sicko is that?
Then came the big "6-o!" It didn't hurt at all! I thought WOW...I can do this!!
Now the 60's are "piling up" and I'm "68 TODAY!!!
I'm so thankful that the Lord has been good to me and my family. He gave me Bill, who taught me what true Christianity could be. He always tried to live his beliefs and taught the girls and our grandkids about the Lord.
Here I am in my olden days..I am a VERY lucky woman!
I love you Kristy... Mom