October 18, 2009

Field Trip!

Today was the Open Farm Day at Credence Farm. Of course we had to go and see how the alpacas were doing. First you have to speak to Henry.Here Henry and I are getting reacquainted.

Mom then had to get reacquainted.

The boys hadn't met Henry yet, so that was the next task.

Henry is not alone in the doggie department there. This is Jessie. A very friendly fella in his own right. His whole butt shakes once that tail gets going. There were a couple of other dogs, but I was there for alpacas, so I didn't catch all of their names.

On to the Alpacas! This is the newest of the bunch lying down on the job. He was only nine days old. So cute.

Here he's standing up and being like the big guys!

Once again, I like the black one.

This time we got into the field with them - avoided a few 'land mines' and R got these pictures.

We had to share some fall leaves. We haven't had massive color change yet. Some of the trees are bare, some of them are totally green and some of them are like this one. It looks like a paintbrush just touched it up here and there.

Back to the alpacas! One of them would move and the rest would follow. Not a free spirit in the bunch!

These alpacas were in the barn and a little closer for a photo op. They are a year old.

Of course there was alpaca to be bought. Mom bought a pair of alpaca/merino blend socks. I was so ashamed - they were machine made. Oh Mom..... R and I got some spun alpaca - I'll try to get some pictures when the sun decides to cooperate again. R and L got some peacock feathers. I'm not sure why. Guess because they were just so pretty! That's our field trip in one entry or less!


Thimbleanna said...

This looks like a really fun place to visit. And thanks for the family peeks -- I can't believe how long your pretty hair is!

KarenFL said...

Still can't believe you didn't tuck one of the little alpacas into your purse and take him home! They are too cute. And thanks for throwing in a picture of the leaves!

KarenFL said...

PS - Since you're calling your mom out about the socks, is that a hand-knit sweater you're wearing? :)