August 29, 2009

Pictures From Waaaaaayyyy Back When!

While cleaning the basement at Mom and Daddy's house, we have run across some real treasures. Lots of neat books, clothes, fabric, patterns, and, of course, pictures.
I have NO idea when this was taken, but I still have that figure (yes, I am the one on the right.)
I noticed it had some writing on that back about 'that tummy'. Yes, it is a tummy! That's for sure. My sister and I are actually being nice to one another. What's up with that? Must have been the candy!

Now this is more like it! I have no idea what my sister is doing. Probably nothing at all, but from that smile on her face and the misery on mine, I still wonder......

1 comment:

kelly said...

It was my turn in the chair, you big baby.