August 14, 2009

More Knitting!

While the boys were in Florida, I decided to knit something besides socks and dishcloths. I can't remember the issue, but one of the recent issues of Creative Knitting, they had a pattern for a Lace Shopping Bag. I had to try it. I like to knit in the round, so that made it a little more enjoyable. However, I am not used to knitting with Knit Picks needles and cotton. I almost had blisters on my index fingers because I feel the need to push the needles back through the yarn. Why do I do that? Do you do that? Anyway, I worked on NOT doing that and my fingers started feeling better.

I bought the yarn a gazillion years ago - well, maybe one or two - at AC Moore and I can't remember which brand it was. It came in a HUGE skein. I didn't even begin to use the whole skein! I've knit a couple of other things out of it and have at least enough left over for another dishcloth.

I love the bottom. It turned out really cool. The only problem I had with any of it was the straps. You knit them and then sew them on. I'm really afraid it's not going to be strong enough, but time will tell. R was afraid it wasn't big enough for anything so she did a test. We had just been to the Fresh Market and had gotten four plastic bags of groceries. They ALL fit in this little bag! I couldn't believe it! So, if the straps hold on we'll have it made!


Rebecca said...

What a COOL market bag!! My fingers used to hurt for the very same reason when I used the Knitpicks double points. I've somewhat trained myself to not use my fingers in that way....actually, if I must do it, I use my fingernail. Those Knitpick needles are sharp! But, that is also why I like them so much.

Thimbleanna said...

Very cool! Is there maybe some way you could have just picked up stitches for the handles, rather than sew them on? Hmm, I guess they would have had to be sewn on one end anyway....