August 23, 2009


At the end of this week my 'boyby' will turn 19. It is so difficult to believe that my baby boy is 19! Where has the time gone? Seems like I just cried and carried on that he was turning 18! This year has flown. It's been a tough year for all of us, but having my kids is always a joy. Sure we have moments that are tough. I remember the days when they were little and I didn't think I would ever have a minute to myself. My friends with grown children would tell me to cherish those moments because they would be gone before I knew it. Sure, yeah, whatever. I just wanted a few minutes to myself. I didn't want somebody talking to me while I was going to the bathroom. Mainly I didn't want R straddling the bathroom door frame and climbing up it like she was spiderman! I could picture her falling and my running across the bathroom with my pants down around my ankles to save her life. I wanted to take a bath without a child staring at me, wondering when I would be finished so I could play or read a book. I wanted to scream when L thought it was necessary to baptize the cat while R took a bath. But I couldn't scream because R was and so was the cat! Don't even get me started on the time they were little bitty things. I would bathe them together and L pooped in the tub! I don't think R could get out fast enough. (Bless her heart. She's been traumatized so much in the bath. It's a wonder we can get her to even shower these days!) I love my kids so much and it's been a real joy to share their interests and learn from them for a change. However, my friends were right - I should have cherished it because it was gone in a minute.
Some days parenting was like this:

Most days parenting was like this:
Even though we have a birthday to celebrate this week, we have been busy as ever. L and RL built a gaming table for a role playing game that they are interested in which deals with WWII. I'm so glad my kids are history buffs. R is dreaming of her fair entries and trying desperately to decide what exactly to enter and how to get them finished in time. We have also been helping Mom clean her basement. So many things were put on hold for a few years while she took care of Daddy. We have found some very interesting things we had all forgotten about - like tons of pictures.....even my kindergarten graduation picture! It's in black and white - did they have color film back then?
Thanks for the good ideas in the comments regarding the handle of the knitted shopping bag. I think I might have to try them if I ever make another one.


Thimbleanna said...

Awww, your post brought a little tear to my eye. I'd go back to those early days in a minute -- wouldn't you? Happy, Happy Birthday to your young man!

Granny said...

What wonderful memories these photos evoke. "Little old Bec"..always the "Big Ike!" Luke taking whatever she threw at him! Those two were a mess!!! Who knew what was going to happen next?
The time has flown by, with so much happening around us. It's hard to believe that your Babies are adults now, and what great adults they have become!
Voting for the first time...AND VOTING FOR THE RIGHT PERSON!!! I was very proud of them!
Our guy didn't win...but, HE WILL THE NEXT TIME!
Mucho love, from Granny

Aredhel said...

Have a really happy birthday L!