August 1, 2009

I Blew Out My Flip Flop

Summer is on the decline around here. It's official. I blew out a flip flop. When that happens, it always means summer will be on the down swing. I blew out my favorite pair last summer about this time too. No reason to buy a new pair, I won't need them much longer. Now, if I still lived in Florida, I would be desperately searching for replacements. However, here I am wondering when I can start wearing the socks I've been knitting this summer.
When I went outside this afternoon for my 'knitting photo shoot' I noticed some mushrooms popping up in the yard. I took my chances with this one. I put the camera on the ground in front of it and clicked without looking at the display. Turned out pretty good I think!
This was one of my first attempts with a different one. I think it's pretty cool in its own way too.

Remember the 'Bag 'o Crap' my sister sent to me in March or April? I thought I had given more details about what all was in it, but after looking back over my posts, I guess I didn't! Oops! Sorry. Anyway, she sent sock yarn! My favorite package of all! She had gotten this Knit Picks yarn a couple of years ago. I think it is Sock Landscape and it's the Mesa colorway. This yarn is great! I have no idea why Knit Picks doesn't carry it anymore. It doesn't split much at all. It works into a very sturdy fabric and these socks are going to be warm baby! I was slow getting started on them. I just haven't been too committed to knitting socks lately. I liked this yarn, but wanted something simple. So, I used the Yarn Harlot's generic sock pattern, but with a k3, p1 rib. I was afraid it wasn't stretchy enough so I knit slow. Don't ask why. R tried them on and said it would work. So I knit faster. Then I was afraid I wouldn't have enough yarn, so I knit slow again. Once again, don't ask. When I realized I had enough yarn, I got busy cranking out the second sock. I HAVE to remember that these are hand wash and line dry! Rumor has it they felt - right Kate? I don't want to have any American Girl Doll socks around here, so I need to really pay attention!

This is what I was knitting when I wasn't motivated to knit socks. These are in addition to the yellow/pink combo I posted a while back. So I've knit eight dish cloths in the past month or so. Good old mindless knitting! Plus I think I have enough cotton yarn around here to crank out a least 100 more!

The boys are heading out to Florida to do some work for RLs Mom. Please pray for them to have a safe trip and to be careful while doing all that hard work. Thank you.


kelly said...

Nice sox. Oh by the way, I want that yarn back.

PS. The word verification for this is "butspay". I can't make this stuff up.

Aredhel said...

Yup, that yarn sure can felt. Darn it! What's worse is only one sock went through that particular wash. Oh well:) I hope R and L have a really safe trip!

Linda said...

I knitted my first dishcloths recently. Can't seem to get enough of They can be very addictive.